Cognitive Security

Cognitive Security

Cognitive Security provides a flexible array of products and services, that provides clients with a granular view in their corporate-wide network activities. This includes visibility into threats that traverse traditional network defenses, and may include sophisticated and unauthorized penetration into sensitive IT assets, targeted malware infections, or strategically motivated black hackers. Cognitive Security specializes in quickly identifying these attacks, and allowing administrators to quickly mitigate against security breaches.

Cognitive Behavior Analysis is based on the Cooperative Adaptive Mechanism for Network Protection (CAMNEP) intrusion detection algorithm, developed by researchers from the Czech Technical University in Prague. The development of this algorithm has been partly funded by the US Army, through the Communications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center under grant number W911NF-08-1-0250. The technology was extensively tested on CESNET (academic ISP) and other educational networks. Once the research development of Cognitive Behavior Analysis passed the alpha and beta stages, the technology was spun-off into the Cognitive Security s.r.o. through a licensing agreement with Czech Technical University in Prague.

Vision: Optimize security costs by swiftly identifying unauthorized breaches to corporate assets.

If the mantra is "using the right tool for the right job", then Cognitive Security offers a cost-effective set of tools to significantly reduce, and in many cases eliminating an attacker's presence in a corporate network. Cognitive Behavior Analysis is able to reveal the presence of an offending intruder, the methods they are deploying, and the assets they are targeting. Security and IT administrators can then quickly identify the attackers, allowing them to take appropriate action to protect their assets.

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Cognitive Analyst is a family of products and services specialized in Network Behavior Analysis, designed to identify a wide range of modern and complex threats inside a client's network.
The solution balances a client's existing security eco-system by providing the necessary additional layers of security, and complements existing deployments of intrusion detection and prevention, web-app firewalls, and vulnerability management.
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